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Three Rivers Tutoring Center

CWA initially conducted a feasibility study for a redesign of the Three Rivers College Student Services Area, Library, Tutoring Center and Language Arts Lab. Based on the pre-design study, CWA was then charged with developing design, construction documents, procurement and contract administration for the first phase of this project that included a renovation and expansion of the Tutoring and Academic Success Center (TASC) into the adjacent 2,000 sq ft space to the west of the TASC.


The space was designed to support the mission of the TASC in which a collaborative team of faculty, staff, students, and community volunteers offer responsive, accessible, and supportive tutoring for all levels of learners. This space includes one-on-one, group, in-class tutoring, presentations, as well as skill-building workshops. A mix of open table areas with computers, private rooms utilizing monitors and colored glass marker boards offer flexibility for one-on-one and/or group learning environments. The TASC also contains a break/work room where tutors, often coming from off campus, can catch up on their own work in between sessions.


Per TRCC’s President Mary Ellen Jukoski ““This new space is ideal for our students. The functional and flexible environment is not only inviting to students, but now better supports our superior tutoring services. It enables us to provide support for many more learners in a high-tech yet welcoming setting. It’s wonderful to see the expansion of services and assistance that we are now capable of at TASC.”