More Work

CWA undertakes numerous projects each year. Though not all of them are large, all are largely significant to us. Since we are here to solve problems with creativity and intelligence, there is as much interest and value in making a better mail station, improving a public corridor, or creating a space for groundbreaking research as there is in making a new building — and sometimes more. On these pages you’ll find a variety of spatial and other building issues addressed with the same CWA brand of resourceful and inspired design thinking that goes into larger projects. Link through on the photo or project title for a full description and slideshow.

Dunham Social Science Psychology Lab

Test rooms that feel like home

Three Rivers Tutoring Center

Educating for success

Henry F. Miller House

A deck restoration for today’s house of tomorrow

Branford College Stone and Door Restoration

Summer rejuvenation

Branford College Pottery Studio

Kil’n time

Solera at Kline Biology Tower

Less cafeteria, more restaurant

Cognitive Development Laboratory

Social studies

Corey Wilson Laboratory

Unlocking new potentials for energy

The Brady Squash Center

Keeping score while keeping cool

Whitney Theater

Setting the stage for “pure” theatre