Refreshing a fresh food restaurant
Considered Connecticut’s original fast food chain, Duchess is a local favorite known for the variety of its menu and for living up to its motto: Fresh Food, Served Fast.

Like every successful brand, Duchess knows who they are and why their customers patronize them. As such, they understand the need to translate their personality and values at every customer touch point, including the physical environment.

CWA’s relationship with Duchess dates back more than twenty years – We were initially hired for their original branding effort back in 1989 and designed the organization’s first prototype. We have been involved with the design and upgrades for all Duchess outlets since.

In this update of their flagship store in Fairfield, CWA introduced a new signature color and materials palette, along with high-quality modern, practical finishes and furnishings. Combined with original pattern details repeated in the ceiling and walls, the elements signal the Duchess commitment to fresh food, quality ingredients and scratch cooking.

Founded over fifty years ago as a single diner, Duchess has expanded to 15 locations, complete with eat-in dining rooms, take-out and drive-through service.

The only prototype restaurant to be built resides in Orange, CT. Because each town in the State has its own planning and zoning commission, every subsequent restaurant required a unique design in order to pass through each town’s distinct ordinances.

Nuts & Bolts
To make the most of siting constraints and provide smooth flow for the to-go order traffic, CWA incorporated a curved shape to the back of the Fairfield restaurant. This makes for easy entering and exiting as customers order, pay, grab their take-out and hit the road.

What You Don’t See
Back of house improvements — including flooring and equipment upgrades, re-facing of cabinetry and improvements that allow for easier cleaning and upkeep.

Best Use
Eating in an environment as familiar and fresh as the food being served.

Duchess Worldwide, Inc.

New Construction, Renovation, Refurbishment

Fairfield location:4,500 sq ft – 100 Seats