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Corey Wilson Laboratory

The overarching goal of the research conducted by Corey Wilson’s Research Group is to translate the fundamental principles of biophysics and biochemistry into useful processes, devices, therapies, and diagnostics that will benefit society; including sustainable energy, tissue engineering, as well as gene therapy. To conduct this research, CWA provided comprehensive renovations to a 3,000 sq ft laboratory located within the newly constructed Malone Center. The existing space was updated and outfitted to accommodate a separate cold room, centrifuge, large autoclave and other equipment. An extension of this project included the creation of a new optical laser laboratory in the basement of the Mason Laboratory Building for Professor Wilson’s research.

Kline Geology Lab Restrooms

This project provided comprehensive renovations to four women’s restrooms, including the conversion of a men’s room into a women’s room plus the renovation of a single, handicap accessible men’s room. Typically endemic in these out-of-date facilities constructed at a time when men dominated the sciences, women’s facilities are noticeably lacking, hindering the University’s efforts to recruit women. While adhering to a policy of economical construction, the spaces were designed with a theme of longevity, maintenance and energy conservation. To further underscore the enlightened policy of the university, a lactation room was included. Construction documents were provided for three additional men’s restrooms to be constructed at a later date.

One Broadway

1995 Facade Improvements: Renovations of a retail building on the corner of Broadway and York Streets in order to attract new tenants for University Properties; which ultimately became Au Bon Pan – They have since moved from this location.

1201 Chapel Street

Originally constructed as a home, converted to a funeral parlor and then a bed and breakfast, Yale acquired this 10, 000 sq ft Victorian in 2006 with the intention of converting it to offices.

2007 Association of Yale Alumni: Comprehensive renovations that converted the building into offices and meeting spaces  for the Yale Alumni Associaton. This included code, ADA accessibility and FF&E upgrades. Updated HVAC and electrical systems, all new finishes and minor plan reconfigurations were included.