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Solera at Kline Biology Tower

CWA was engaged to renovate the 12th floor dining facility with the intent of the project being to convert the existing servery into a dining room, rehabilitate the exisitng dining room and convert the large dining room into the servery to create serving platforms arranged around a central space in the servery, otherwise known as the “marketplace”. The seating in the dining rooms were re-configured to provide a variety of configurations, including moveable tables, banquettes with tables, booth, counter with stools and a large community table.


Working in conjunction with The Pulse Group and Ricca/Newmark interviews were done with focus groups including faculty/staff/students to determine that they were interested in having a greater selection of healthy, fresh items rotated seasonally and more organic options. They were interested in a menu that would be more like retail and less like a cafeteria – It was determined that new concept would include a salad platform; a soup/bread bar; a hot station featuring lighter comfort food and a platform for hot/cold sandwiches with a wood burning pizza oven as a focal point. This project was not constructed, however, CDs were completed.