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Dunham Social Science Psychology Lab

The second floor of Yale’s Dunham Laboratory was renovated to create a shared research facility among several of Yale’s Department of Psychology’s senior and junior faculty members. Focusing on social sciences, the 6,700 sq ft space includes The Clark Relationship Science Laboratory. Clinical research involving publicly recruited subjects is an ongoing function that presented unique design challenges. HIPPA rules and privacy were at odds with the desire to introduce natural light into the space while maintaining acoustical and visual privacy. Several “test” rooms were designed to replicate various settings, including a residential living room with a sofa cleverly upholstered to measure the distance romantically involved couples sat apart from each other. CWA, who has completed several dozen projects for Yale’s Department of Psychology over the past 22 years, worked directly with the department chair and research faculty in planning the space as well as selecting and specifying the FFE package.