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Branford College Pottery Studio

The Branford College Pottery Studio was a dull, congested basement space with out-dated lighting, minimal work surfaces, and inadequate storage.   Folding panels divided the 760 sq ft space into four ill-defined quadrants leaving a dark, unused void to one end . CWA was tasked with brightening the space as well and creating conjoined yet independent art studios; one for pottery and one for painting.


By removing the divider panels and inserting a low L-shaped bench, we unified the space by creating a gathering zone serving both potters and painters. The built-in bench also functions as canvas and paint storage eliminating the need for free-standing furniture that previously cluttered the narrow room. New slim LED lights, a long solid surface countertop, and a bright yellow epoxy floor added energy to the once dreary workspace. A long awaited new kiln was installed providing an essential energy efficient piece of equipment.