Bicentennial Complex

When the Bicentennial Complex was first designed, the classical styling was derided in the architectural press of its day as being too pretentious for its Victorian neighbors. By the time the Tercentennial was celebrated, it was the grande dame of the block and the reigning post card image of Yale. The surrounding collegiate gothic and late modern icons left no trace of the offended Victorian neighbors. During that century, the masterfully executed Carrere and Hastings composition posed a nearly unapproachable challenge to adapt to contemporary needs.

2010-2015 Comprehensive Renovations / Conceptual Planning:  One bite at a time: In 2009 CWA was selected to respond to a menu of code deficiencies in Woolsey Hall. The mutual dependency among the trinity of the Bicentennial Complex opened the door to discrete but significant interventions throughout Commons and Memorial Hall. Expertise, trust, and familiarity spawned a six year relationship that culminated in authoring the planning study that was instrumental in securing one of the largest single donations made to the University. Link here to see and read more about this project.